4 Reasons to Not Buy an Apple iPhone X

People love it, people hate it. Maybe that’s the right jargon to label the latest Apple iPhone X cellphone. Peel it thoroughly here so that you think more about it.

It seems that many technology observers are disappointed with the insignificant increase that Apple has pinned on its latest iPhone X smartphone. Naturally, the technology giant from the United States is indeed victorious because of its massive outbreak of the box and becoming a technology trendsetter. The iPhone is said to be a cellphone that has brought about major changes in industry and human life.

iPhone X

Remember when people were still crazy about the QWERTY keyboard owned by Blackberry, Apple launched a touch screen smartphone with Retina Display embedded in its iPhone 4. The more powerful Apple iPhone is in attracting consumers, the more it has been inspired by the company founded by Steve Jobs as the creator of innovative and futuristic technology. The popularity of Apple’s iPhone had inspired other smartphone vendors to create the same cellphone.

In June 2017, Apple celebrated 10 years since the first generation iPhone was released in 2007. To commemorate it, Apple presents a new iPhone that looks different from previous models. The new phone is called the iPhone X (read iPhone Ten). The iPhone X was created as a surprise for the 10th anniversary of Apple’s mobile phone to its fans. During the last 24 hours of this phone launch, many publications discussed all the great features of Apple’s new hero including its thin bezel display, improved processor, and wireless charging. It’s easy to get caught up in this momentary euphoria, but if you step back and look honestly, you will soon realize to think twice about buying an iPhone X.

iPhone X is too expensive

Samsung released the Galaxy Note 8 last month with a price tag that surprised the public at $ 929 (in Indonesia around Rp. 12 million). However, the iPhone X which can reach Rp. 20 million makes the Note 8 look like an attractive offer. The iPhone X is the most expensive Apple phone to date. Many technology observers consider this price difficult to accept.

Flagship smartphones are expensive, but Apple brings everything to a higher level on the latest iPhone. Another thing that should be noted is that the price of the iPhone X will likely not go down until the latest smartphone launch is announced.

At a glance, you might see this as a drawback, but if viewed from the other side this would be an opportunity to buy an old iPhone at a cheaper price. Yes, based on research carried out by iPrice in September, the majority of Indonesians were more interested in looking for the prices of older iPhone. iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 are iPhone models that are still very popular because the price has dropped dramatically but the specifications are quite sophisticated in the hand.

iPhone X Does Not Have a Fingerprint Scanner

When other smartphone vendors are competing to embed fingerprint scanners on their cellphones, Apple even deleted them. After removing the headphone jack last year, Apple again made a sensation by removing the fingerprint scanner feature on the iPhone X. The security features that are the standard of the flagship smartphone were replaced with Face ID, namely face recognition technology. To unlock your iPhone, you have to lift it to your face, make sure the camera is pointing forward, then swipe up.

Many people are disappointed with this feature because opening the lock with finger scanning is considered much faster and easier. Critics were scattered, Apple must at least provide more security by placing a fingerprint scanner on the back. Removal of this fingerprint scanner feature will make users frustrated to unlock their iPhone easily.

But it doesn’t matter if you don’t like the latest security features with the Face ID, because on the same day Apple launched the iPhone X, they also launched the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus which still maintains the home button with its typical fingerprint scanner. This is indeed a matter of taste, likes or dislikes, there are always alternatives.

Has no X factor

The iPhone X is packed with the latest technology, this phone has a dual-camera setting on the back, a screen without a bezel, a powerful chipset, and also supports wireless charging. The problem is that this technology can be found on a number of Android smartphones. To be honest this new iPhone doesn’t have an X factor that has at least one unique feature that makes it stand out among the others. For example, the Galaxy S8 with a curved screen, Note 8 with S Pen, OnePlus 5 has a Dash Charge at a low price, and others. These features give mobile phones a competitive advantage over competitors and can really influence consumer decisions in buying.

But not Apple if it doesn’t reap controversy. In plain view, maybe the iPhone X doesn’t seem to have an X factor. But if examined further, the X factor of this phone is located on its A11 chipset. Through Antutu Benchmark, iPhone X scores more than 220,000. This score far exceeds the performance of its competing Android smartphone, the OnePlus 5 with a score of 181,088 and the Galaxy Note 8 which is only 174,559. Unique features may be nothing special on the iPhone X, but performance can be pitted.

Non-Sexy Cellphone Design

Design is important, but also subjective. When compared with Samsung’s flagship, the design of the iPhone X is indeed less beautiful. You could say this device looks bland and a little boring. The iPhone X also doesn’t stand out from most other phones.

Talking about the lack of iPhone X is talking about subjectivity. Alias ​​tastes of people can be different will choose their best smartphone. You really have to think twice about buying this iPhone X after reading the top reasons. If the specifications of the iPhone X aren’t stunning enough and convince you to spend 20 million rupiah, take it easy because the old school iPhone series at lower prices is still available on the market. But if you want a handful of cellphones with fast processors and performance that can last for years, maybe the iPhone X can be a list of ideal gadgets.